Why buy with Condaro.com?

To make the purchase of a property as simple and transparent as possible, Condaro.com put together a wide range of of services that simplify the buying process from the apartment search to the handing-over of keys and the final move.
With the latest technology you can see all digitally processed properties in 3D comfortably from home or on the move. As a verfied customer you have access to all documents and you can also place a bid for the property of your choice.
Here are six good reasons why Condaro.com is the right choice:

Realistic insight into the property
Every property is processed with high-quality images, 3D virtual tours and videos which give you an honest and transparent insight into the property. Moreover, you can read detailed descriptions of the location and surrounding. As a result you can avoid wasteful and time-consuming viewings of inappropriate properties.

✔  Commission-free property
The purchase of the property is initially completely for free and commission free as we receive money exclusively from the sellers of the properties. Since Condaro.com waives expensive local stores which are usually borne completely or partially by the buyer, we can offer properties for favourable pricesOnly The standard ancillary acquisition costs, notary fees and land transfer tax,which are incurring by a property purchase after the auction will be borne by the buyer.

✔  Convenient property purchase online
With Condaro.com the whole purchase can be processed online – from the search to the the property viewings and the final contract signing.  WIth your authorisation Condaro.com can obtain all legal documents and notarize the contract. In this way you can reduce all arising costs and avoid all the stress.

✔  Fair valuation of the property
Properties offered by Condaro.com are exclusive apartments, which are only at Condaro.com in the marketing period available. none of the properties are auctioned by means of a foreclosure. All properties are offered by professional real estate companies and by private property owners who determine the exact value of the properties with common valuation methods and fix the minimum price together with Condaro.com.

✔  Transparent, simple purchase process
Condaro.com uses an auction process in which all potential buyers have the same chance of purchasing the property. Every potential buyer can place his/her individual bid for the property- regardless of the given purchase price. Every bid is accepted. This principle ensures equality and anonymity among the bidders. To avoid profiteering and false bids only verified potential buyers are allowed to place a bid. To increase the probability of success you can certainly bid for several properties at the same time.

✔ ­Transparent contract processing
After the end of the auction and the decision of the owner you need to pay a reservation fee of 1% of the sales price. After consultation with you and the seller all necessary documents will be handed over to the notary of your choice. 14 days after receiving the purchase contract from the notary you need to notarize the purchase contract (the purchase contract can be seen and downloaded beforehand at Condaro.com). You have the choice to notarize the contract by personal presence, offe acceptance or by authorization. As an option you can also instruct Condaro.com with an authorization for the notarization. The only thing to do is the hand-over of keys and to move into your desired property.

✔ An open ear for your asking price
Condaro.com lends an ear for your asking price. Feel free to send us your bid at service@condaro.com with the subject “My Bid for Property, Street”. Your offering price can be settled below the starting price of the auctions – depending on how much you are willing to pay for the property. If – by the end of the auction – no other interested person outbid the starting price or your asking price, we will come back to you as a potential buyer of the property. In this case we will discuss the price with the property´s owner and try to convince him to accept your bid.

To see the detailed purchase process and all additional services provided by Condaro.com,please read our FAQ or contact our service team of you have further questions and uncertainties (service@condaro.com ; +49 1711062734).

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